Tuesday, 19 May 2009

んあん です か

There's a reason animals have distinctive colour patterns. It's so that once they've been amigurimified you actually know what they are intended to be..
The one I'm making is a bit odd. Is it a - 

A pig? ブダ 

A bear? くま 

A dolphin? iruka (had to look that one up)

No, it's allegedly going to be a fox that I stupidly figured would look like a wolf if I made it in grey (couldn't be bothered going up into the loft for different wool). Maybe once he has a face he'll look more fox-like. :/
The legs in the pattern just aren't working for me either, they are way to clumsy looking. I'm going to try dropping a needle size and making different legs.


Bats! I saw some the other night when I was walking my friend back to the train station. They were far to fast to determine what kind of bats but it was nice to see them all the same.

I remembered seeing an especially cute amigurumi bat somewhere a while back, but when I found him again he turned out to be knitted rather than crocheted. 

So I set about trying to make a crochet version. 

I think he turned out quite well. 

I'll put a pic in here later. 

Now all he/she needs is a name and somewhere to hang out. :) 

Work in Progress

So yesterday I discovered there are people worldwide gifting anonymously. They are more organised than me though and had the foresight to tag and bag their handmade toys and even provide a website for 'Finders' to leave a wee note. 
I've joined their group; it's surely going to be more satisfying than wondering if my little creations get taken home or left in a Lost and Found somewhere. :)

Today the idea really took root, grew arms and legs, some branches and leaves and all sorts. 
I have a plan (a big plan) so watch this space (but don't hold your breath as it won't be a quick thing .........)