Monday, 17 August 2009

Big Knit

I was reading Bugs and Fishes from Lupin's blog the other day, and she reminded us all of the Big Knit campaign run by Innocent Smoothies every year. (You should see all the little hats she had made!).
I didn't get mine posted in time last year, but I still have them, so I think I'll gather up some scraps of wool and add to the collection and actually send them off this time.
Plus there are free knit and crochet patterns on the site if you are stuck.
I'll be treating myself to a smoothie tomorrow, just to check my hats fit of course. :)

No Eyes, No Energy

I'm miffed. I'm also exhausted.
I ordered a bulk amount of eyes for my amigurumi over a week ago. I hope there is just a delay at the supplier end and the Royal Mail hasn't eaten them.
It's very frustrating, and the postman must beginning to think I have a crush on him or something since I throw the door open every morning, delighted to see him (hoping on those eyes).
Maybe tomorrow.......
Of course I'm back at work tomorrow so even if they do come I won't be doing much with them. I will probably need a nap before I go to work at 4pm the way things are going. I can't stay awake!
So far I've come up with one daft reason after another to explain it. A lack of oxygen in the attic? The weather changing (autumn is sneaking in, it's been pouring and it's no longer bright at 5.45am when I have to get up). Caffeine withdrawal?
Truth is I've no idea and make up reasons to stop everyone worrying. Watch this space, and if nothing happens I'm probably asleep again!

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Lady Pawsha (finally!)

It seems forever ago, but here's the picture of Lady Pawsha outside of Stirling Old Town Jail.
She had a good day out there, as did the rest of us. The tour guide is a brilliant actor and I'd highly recommend visiting. I so want to go on his Ghost Tour now.

I need a name! GIVEAWAY

The bunny family have moved into my Folksy shop, apart from this little one who no-one could think of a name for.:(
Can you help?
Please leave suggestions in the comment box and whoever makes the best suggestion will become the new owner of this little rabbit.
You have all of August to think of something.

Life Gets in the Way!

How has almost a month past without me posting?! Scary.
This is what happens when you put things off until later/tomorrow I guess.
I should probably be proud of myself that it isn't longer!
So what have I been doing? Em.........
The quick answer seems to be not much but that isn't strictly true. I've been at work and the kids are still on summer holidays so we've been doing 'things'.
Bowling, cycling, a ton of extra housework, friends visiting, trips to Ikea and the like, workshop at the BBC. I've even been ironing!!!
A 16th birthday and the exam results are finally out (I'm a very proud parent now).
I'm also the very pleased owner of a brand new time machine.
I never imagined they would be pink and white, but I will admit defeat and sometimes it's nice to be reminded that I'm a girl (and not just mum).
Best thing is that the time machine works! I love it!
Whizzing into town, down the canal to work, with a little smidging of exhilaration thrown in.

The girls and I now have our little studio space set up in the loft. It's been put to good use already and I wish I'd been this organised years ago. More pink but maybe it's some sort of magic colour as it seems to be infiltrating all the positive things in my life right now. :)