Thursday, 6 August 2009

Life Gets in the Way!

How has almost a month past without me posting?! Scary.
This is what happens when you put things off until later/tomorrow I guess.
I should probably be proud of myself that it isn't longer!
So what have I been doing? Em.........
The quick answer seems to be not much but that isn't strictly true. I've been at work and the kids are still on summer holidays so we've been doing 'things'.
Bowling, cycling, a ton of extra housework, friends visiting, trips to Ikea and the like, workshop at the BBC. I've even been ironing!!!
A 16th birthday and the exam results are finally out (I'm a very proud parent now).
I'm also the very pleased owner of a brand new time machine.
I never imagined they would be pink and white, but I will admit defeat and sometimes it's nice to be reminded that I'm a girl (and not just mum).
Best thing is that the time machine works! I love it!
Whizzing into town, down the canal to work, with a little smidging of exhilaration thrown in.

The girls and I now have our little studio space set up in the loft. It's been put to good use already and I wish I'd been this organised years ago. More pink but maybe it's some sort of magic colour as it seems to be infiltrating all the positive things in my life right now. :)

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