Monday, 17 August 2009

No Eyes, No Energy

I'm miffed. I'm also exhausted.
I ordered a bulk amount of eyes for my amigurumi over a week ago. I hope there is just a delay at the supplier end and the Royal Mail hasn't eaten them.
It's very frustrating, and the postman must beginning to think I have a crush on him or something since I throw the door open every morning, delighted to see him (hoping on those eyes).
Maybe tomorrow.......
Of course I'm back at work tomorrow so even if they do come I won't be doing much with them. I will probably need a nap before I go to work at 4pm the way things are going. I can't stay awake!
So far I've come up with one daft reason after another to explain it. A lack of oxygen in the attic? The weather changing (autumn is sneaking in, it's been pouring and it's no longer bright at 5.45am when I have to get up). Caffeine withdrawal?
Truth is I've no idea and make up reasons to stop everyone worrying. Watch this space, and if nothing happens I'm probably asleep again!

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