Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Tiny Easter Chicks - free pattern

Having made a whole pile of bunnies, I thought I'd make some chicks as well. They are really quick to make. :)
Here's the pattern if you would like to make some.

3mm crochet hook.
Scraps of coloured DK wool (body colour and contrasting colour for eyes and beak)
Small amount of stuffing.
Darning needle.

Work 6 stitches into magic loop (6)
sc twice in each st (12)
*sc1, sc twice into next st* 6 times (18)
sc around for 5 rows (18)
*sc1, sc2tog* 6 times (12)
Stuff firmly.
*sc2tog* 6 times (6)
Break yarn and fasten off.

See on eyes and beak and using yellow wool make 3 stitches on either side of the body for wings.
Your little amigurumi chick is now ready for some friends.

Tiny Easter Bunnies - Free Pattern

Materials Required
3mm crochet hook.
Scraps of coloured DK wool (body colour and contrasting colour for eyes and nose)
Scraps of white DK wool.
Small amount of stuffing.
Darning needle.

Work 6 stitches into magic loop (6)
 sc twice in each st (12)
*sc1, sc twice into next st* 6 times (18)
sc around for 5 rows  (18)
*sc1, sc2tog* 6 times (12)
Stuff firmly.
*sc2tog* 6 times (6)
Break yarn and fasten off.

Insert crochet hook under stitch on fourth round and pull yarn through.
Turn and sc into each stitch.
Fasten off.

Repeat for second ear, inserting hook under a different stitch on fourth round.

Weave in all ends.

With white wool sew 6 stitches over end.

Now add eyes and a nose and your bunny is born.
Make lots of little friends for your bunny.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Still Shaking

Drunk driver last week.
8.30am Saturday this week at Three Bridges bus stop, green car coming off roundabout towards us when a guy throws himself at the car, gets tossed over the bonnet and lands in the middle of the road. He doesn't move, just sprawled there, totally still, right across the middle of the road.
He's breathing, his eyes flicker in response to speech, no blood, but he's out of it. The driver and myself have stopped but clearly this accident is just an inconvenience for many as they squeeze through the middle of the vehicles and mount the grass verge to avoid the body.
Let's face it no-one else has stopped to see if it's a body or someone needing help.
I'm disgusted.
The emergency services are on the way but meanwhile the traffic builds up and the inconvenienced attempt to get by.
The police closed the road and put up diversions then the ambulance arrives.
Heroin is mentioned.
A spinal board comes out and the police begin to take statements, while spectators come by.
Forty minutes later we get home, the images still etched in our minds. I have to travel back along the same road an hour later and it's like nothing ever happened.
Someone is crossing the road, my stomach turns over.
I have another painting to do.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Rabbits Mark 3

I will get round to adding them to my Folksy shop ........... just haven't got round to it quite yet.
If only you could upload straight from your phone.
Folksy folk, we need an iphone app!

Take Mum to Tea with an Artist

Art Tokens are doing a little something for Mothers' Day. After a bit of persuading I've decided to take part and open up my studio for the day.
Once I've tidied up and made it a little more presentable that is.
So next Sunday, lots of homebaking, and hopefully some nice interesting new people to meet. If there's enough interest (anybody?) I thought I'd try an amigurumi session in the morning and figure drawing in the afternoon.
Looking forward to it, although just a teeny bit nervous too!

Holy ....!

Arrived at work for nightshift and wondered why there was a car bumper and other random bits lying in the road.
Then I spotted the police woman running down the road into the car park.
A drunk driver had been pursued into the car park and in his haste to escape had driven straight into side of the van. Other police person was standing by the open passenger door at the time.
The drunk driver had taken off. Apparently he crashed again shortly afterwards.
Scary stuff.
Hopefully both the officers involved are okay, think they were a bit luckier than the van.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Shop re-stock

Have finally added some new amigurumi snails to my poor neglected Folksy shop. Took all morning just to add those so the rabbits are waiting until tomorrow.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Coming soon

I've been busy. It's time I paid my neglected Folksy shop some attention. So here's a quick peek of what's coming soon.

Monday, 5 March 2012


Who could be scared of this one? Isn't he cute? Got him from Diomo Glass.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Pat the Cat

Meet Patrick, my new little friend. I hadn't realised that cats could bond so closely to one person and be so over the top with their affections. This cat loves me!
He follows me around, runs out of nowhere when I come home, sleeps beside me, licks me constantly, climbs up into my lap and onto my shoulder, yet he simply tolerates everyone else in the house.
Occasionally he will go to my son for cuddles and pounce on my OH in the middle of the night, but he's definitely decided that he's my cat.
Not that I'm complaining. :)

March Already

Finally managed to get some time at the studio this week. Things are getting all organized for Craig McKechnie's exhibition in June. Looking forward to that.
It coincides with Forth Valley Open Studios 2012, which I'm also looking forward to, and trying to be more organized for this time around. I have a few finished pieces at least.
Managed to get round to picking up half done amigurumis too so feeling very positive today.

Thursday, 1 March 2012


Something to do with copy and paste had sent my layout wonky.
Still don't know where the background has gone but that won't matter so much.

What's going on?

Why has my sidebar disappeared to the bottom of this page? And where did my background go?