Saturday, 17 March 2012

Still Shaking

Drunk driver last week.
8.30am Saturday this week at Three Bridges bus stop, green car coming off roundabout towards us when a guy throws himself at the car, gets tossed over the bonnet and lands in the middle of the road. He doesn't move, just sprawled there, totally still, right across the middle of the road.
He's breathing, his eyes flicker in response to speech, no blood, but he's out of it. The driver and myself have stopped but clearly this accident is just an inconvenience for many as they squeeze through the middle of the vehicles and mount the grass verge to avoid the body.
Let's face it no-one else has stopped to see if it's a body or someone needing help.
I'm disgusted.
The emergency services are on the way but meanwhile the traffic builds up and the inconvenienced attempt to get by.
The police closed the road and put up diversions then the ambulance arrives.
Heroin is mentioned.
A spinal board comes out and the police begin to take statements, while spectators come by.
Forty minutes later we get home, the images still etched in our minds. I have to travel back along the same road an hour later and it's like nothing ever happened.
Someone is crossing the road, my stomach turns over.
I have another painting to do.

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