Sunday, 12 July 2009

Perfect Bouquet

It's not all that often I get given flowers so it's always a surprise. It's always great if they are 'just because' flowers, and this was a really thoughtful gift. (Thank you if you are reading!)
It's full of lovely flowers and leaves and although it's incredibly tempting to jump straight in and make something, I'm sure they will turn out all the better for waiting and taking some time to find the best wool and best colours etc.
Unless anyone would like a lurid pink daffodil?

Lady Pawsha of Argyll

Lady Pawsha was waiting on my doorstep on Thursday morning when I left for the train station (my parents have been visiting, hence the delay in posting).
Since I hadn't heard the postman and only found her on the way out of the house, it meant she had to accompany us on our trip to Stirling. Just as well Hotdog had thought to pack her some lovely surprise dog treats!
Lady Pawsha looked the part swanning around Stirling in her boa with a little organza bag full of gold sparkly treats glinting in the sun! :)
She visited the castle but was too scared to get her photo taken on the wall. She was afraid she might tumble off and end up lost in the undergrowth about 5m below.
She did however get some pictures taken outside of Stirling Old Town Jail (which looks a bit like a small castle).
Sky and Louie aren't quite sure what to make of the new doggy addition to the house. I think they feel a little jealous of her Sock Dog pedigree. :)
Pawsha on the other hand is lording it over the house from her shelf in the bedroom. I did catch her rummaging through the odd sock bag though, so I think she may be a little lonely and hoping for a sock pal.......
(I'll pop the photos up once they are off my daughter's phone).

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Lost and Found

I also found this little guy discarded on the street. I can't remember his name, but I dare say he's escaped from a Happy Meal or something similar.
He was lying on the pavement for 3 days so I've brought him home and added him to my Lost and Found box.
Eventually he'll probably make his way into a collage.
My Lost and Found box is just a collection of objects and interesting 'things' that I've found discarded or lost, and thought I could use in some future art project. I always make sure the object is there for a while before I bring it home, just in case someone comes looking for it. Mostly it's tickets, bits of notes, unidentifiable things, broken parts of toy etc; urban flotsam if you like.

Not The Real Spike

Here's the real hedgehog, finally got some photos of him. None of them are brilliant, but I did get an opportunity to have a good look at him, see his little bulbous nose, canine teeth and little black paws. I also got a good look at the insect life that inhabits him; a dubious added extra! :/

Tuesday, 7 July 2009


I also received my button order from incywincy stitches.
Not quite sure what I'm going to do with them yet but I figure I'm allowed one impulse buy now and again and those elephants were too much to resist.
Off now to read her blog, and drink my hot chocolate.

My Very Own Hotdog!!!!

It seems I've won my very own hotdog by naming a little sock dog in Hotdogandme's blog competition!
Amazing, and it's totally made my day!
So this is Lady Pawsha of Argyll and hopefully she'll be moving in soon. :)

Monday, 6 July 2009

Flower Owls

Butterbur has some friends now, and I've just added them all to my Folksy shop.
Today's mission is to finish some rabbits and add them too.
Next week I'd like to get a fox or two made, and I'm hoping to get some photos of the fox that visits work every night.
I'm a 2am finish this Saturday so fingers crossed. He strolled right up to the window last time and looked right in. Of course it might depend who I'm on with, I can't imagine everyone will share my enthusiasm for the little orange guy who rummages through the bins and makes the magpies squawk at ear piercing volume. :)

Sad and Homeless Bears

Here is my currently nameless bear. Doesn't he look pathetic and desperately in need of someone who will love him?
Still no hedgehogs, and I can't say I've seen a real live bear anywhere but still....... more bears coming soon.

More Hot Dogs

How uncomfortable does Sky look? She flaked out after her walk this morning and it's obviously still too warm to lie curled up in her bed.
Ignore the dust on the floor please but at 7am I wasn't about to break out the hoover!

Remember Levi? Devil dog next door who bit Joseph twice, John once and almost everyone else in the immediate locale..... the dog who is meant to be leashed and muzzled all the time....... he was running loose yesterday, terrorising the neighbours. It was a bit of a commotion, lots of squealing and screaming and that was just the adults!
It seemed to me that they were antagonising him, not on purpose of course but the poor dog was wanting to go home and couldn't get into his house because no-one would get close enough to open the door.
I decided to do my good deed for the day, so armed with the lure of a female dog, out I went. Lots of comments about me being brave, lots of comments about wasting my time, lots of anticipation that I was about to get mauled or have Sky set upon.
Just as well I have more faith in myself than everyone else had!
Levi didn't even bark at me. He had a sniff at Sky, was worried I was going to leash him so didn't stay still enough for me to catch but he kept lying down in the grass so it was obvious he was hot, tired and wanted to go home.
So after finally persuading someone to open the bottom door from the inside (just a tad of course until they got safel back inside their own house), Levi duly went in the door and let himself into his own house with no fuss whatsoever.
Adventure over and Joseph now thinks I'm Supermum. :)

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Yummy Hotdogs

How cute are these sock dogs?!?!? I'm in love although I can't quite decide which one I like the best; they are all adorable.

Every Pocket Tells A Story

Also found this today -

Sounds like fun and something even the kids can take part in. Maybe put that sewing machine Santa brought to good use at long last. Closing date isn't until December so plenty of time.
Basic details -
  • Make a pocket A6 size out of anything
  • Add a little story/anecdote/conversation etc inside
  • Send it off to be exhibited at Charnwood Museum in 2010
  • See it on V&A website
I haven't read it through in detail yet so no idea if you can sumbit more than one pocket, but it sounds like a great idea anyhow.

Faerie Magic

retro faerie store news: recycled bag finished
Take at look at this project, I'm in awe! I'm totally intrigued as to how the bits of paper all go together and totally terrified of how long it must have taken to make!
Must search the web for tutorials just to satisfy my curiosity. I can dream about making something, but it will never happen. :)