Sunday, 12 July 2009

Lady Pawsha of Argyll

Lady Pawsha was waiting on my doorstep on Thursday morning when I left for the train station (my parents have been visiting, hence the delay in posting).
Since I hadn't heard the postman and only found her on the way out of the house, it meant she had to accompany us on our trip to Stirling. Just as well Hotdog had thought to pack her some lovely surprise dog treats!
Lady Pawsha looked the part swanning around Stirling in her boa with a little organza bag full of gold sparkly treats glinting in the sun! :)
She visited the castle but was too scared to get her photo taken on the wall. She was afraid she might tumble off and end up lost in the undergrowth about 5m below.
She did however get some pictures taken outside of Stirling Old Town Jail (which looks a bit like a small castle).
Sky and Louie aren't quite sure what to make of the new doggy addition to the house. I think they feel a little jealous of her Sock Dog pedigree. :)
Pawsha on the other hand is lording it over the house from her shelf in the bedroom. I did catch her rummaging through the odd sock bag though, so I think she may be a little lonely and hoping for a sock pal.......
(I'll pop the photos up once they are off my daughter's phone).

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