Monday, 6 July 2009

More Hot Dogs

How uncomfortable does Sky look? She flaked out after her walk this morning and it's obviously still too warm to lie curled up in her bed.
Ignore the dust on the floor please but at 7am I wasn't about to break out the hoover!

Remember Levi? Devil dog next door who bit Joseph twice, John once and almost everyone else in the immediate locale..... the dog who is meant to be leashed and muzzled all the time....... he was running loose yesterday, terrorising the neighbours. It was a bit of a commotion, lots of squealing and screaming and that was just the adults!
It seemed to me that they were antagonising him, not on purpose of course but the poor dog was wanting to go home and couldn't get into his house because no-one would get close enough to open the door.
I decided to do my good deed for the day, so armed with the lure of a female dog, out I went. Lots of comments about me being brave, lots of comments about wasting my time, lots of anticipation that I was about to get mauled or have Sky set upon.
Just as well I have more faith in myself than everyone else had!
Levi didn't even bark at me. He had a sniff at Sky, was worried I was going to leash him so didn't stay still enough for me to catch but he kept lying down in the grass so it was obvious he was hot, tired and wanted to go home.
So after finally persuading someone to open the bottom door from the inside (just a tad of course until they got safel back inside their own house), Levi duly went in the door and let himself into his own house with no fuss whatsoever.
Adventure over and Joseph now thinks I'm Supermum. :)

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