Monday, 19 October 2009

Whosies and Whatnots

Becky has kindly allowed me to test out the patterns for her lovely bunny and owls. They are very quick to make and very cute. You can see more pictures of Smappy Bunny, and the owls over in the Flickr pool (once I put them there!).
For now here's Wilma and Wilfred. I recycled them out of some old jeans and a checked shirt (underside of wings). I really liked the bodies out of denim but it was quite hard work sewing the wings on, the layers of fabric were getting a bit too thick!
My Smappy bunnies were made out of a recycled dress and t-shirt. The stretchy fabric makes them wonderfully soft and cuddly. I'm not sure how long t-shirt fabric would stand up to children playing roughly and pulling the ears etc but the thicker velour seems much sturdier and the nap hides any little untidy handstitches!
There are a pile of great tutorials on Whosies blog and some lovely stuff in her etsy shop, so do stop by for a look if you haven't already. :)

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