Thursday, 10 February 2011

Excited (just a bit)

I cannot wait until tomorrow...... Eldest daughter and I are going to look at some studio space.
Well, that's a bit of a misleading statement actually. We've already looked at the facilities, decided we really, really, really want to be there (how can a mother resist those eyes lighting up, it was like watching a toddler at Christmas).
Tomorrow we're going to see which studios are actually available, sort out the money bit and hopefully come home happy (or maybe not come home if keys are available!).
I'm probably more excited than she is in reality. I've had access to all of this before so know exactly how wonderful it can all be, how being in that sort of environment can really boost your creativity. I've dreamt of having my own studio for as long as I remember, and while there's loft space or the possibility of a workshop at the bottom of the garden, just set aside for me, this has to be better. This is the real thing with exhibition facilities and infectious enthusiasm.

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