Wednesday, 17 June 2009

What Time Is It?!

3am saw a cup of Horlicks in an attempt to get back to sleep.
By 4am I gave up and put the kettle on for coffee!
However, I think really early morning is my most favourite time of day. The world that everyone else doesn't see is out there moving around, living and just a fleeting glimpse into that world makes the whole day worthwhile.
It was a little hedgehog this morning that took Sky and I by surprise. He just sauntered across the path right in front of us. No rush. He almost looked like he should have had the morning newspaper tucked under his arm. :)
So, a hedgehog is now next on my list of things to make.
I haven't even done any sketches yet though as I've only just finished the first owl I'm happy with. Now I just need to hope that I can understand the scrawled notes I scribbled down in the process. :/

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