Wednesday, 5 January 2011


No nigthshift to blame the hour on, just a bout of insomnia which probably isn't being helped by surfing the net and finding other folks' lovely blogs and wonderful creations. They are just getting my mind working overtime!
I just stumbled upon the Sketchy Project
Now, that's a good idea and the sort of thing I would love to do myself, only it's also the sort of thing I'll start tomorrow and tomorrow never quite arrives. Either that or I'd find myself a word generator, do my sketch, take a photo and then never get round to uploading the images anywhere eventually leading to a mass delete.
A nice hard backed sketchbook could be the answer but I suspect that is maybe just an excuse to go window shopping on Folksy......... How gorgeous is this one?
Handbound Notebook by Katie Bowles
Too nice to draw in maybe?!

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