Friday, 7 January 2011

Office Boar Update/Weekly Challenge -Colour Pink

Maplins don't stock USB cables the size I need!!! Contact Fujifilm they said. :(

So, until I either find the cable or locate a new one and the postman delivers it, I'll need to make do with the camera on my mobile.
This is Erwin (he has a name now). He has the obligatory curly tail and smells good enough to eat (vanilla not bacon!).

Pink is my colour of the moment.It must be something about this time of year, pink was on the agenda this time last year as well. I think it's happiness leaking out of someone who isn't used to showing it!
The fact my pinkness has appeared in the shape of a pig.... well that isn't significant, there's a pink elephant in my bag as well, and had I been able to access anything else while working 60 hours this week there would be pink everywhere.x


  1. He sure is pink! And when you hit the wrong key... he sure is oink!

  2. What a darling little pink creation. Puts me in the mood to make something Valentine-y. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. I wuv this piggy!
    Erwin is the perfect name for him...
    the heart is the cherry on top!

  4. Very cute - I can knit with jewellery wire but not with wool! (Wire is more forgiving!)

    Thanks so much for the encouragement on my blog, and nice to "meet" you.