Friday, 7 January 2011

Office Boar

The pink piggie is done. He's a boy but I can't think of a name for him, someone suggested Jamie, but given that's the name of two ex-colleagues and nearly the name of one I still work with, it would seem a tad inappropriate (it wasn't someone at work's suggestion though).
I thought I was being all organised; he got finished along with some other little amigurumi and then I got all my photos taken and thought I had nothing left to do but upload them.
I guess when you pack things away for safe keeping and go to get them a year later, they aren't always so easy to find........... I've no idea where the USB cable is for my camera, so it looks like a trip to Maplin tomorrow. I know guys get excited about that shop but..............
I could always go to Currys or somewhere instead but I have a horrid feeling a little pink (or any other colour) iPod nano might make me adopt him if I do that. :)
So use your imagination: there is a picture of a pink pig below!

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