Thursday, 23 June 2011

Inspiration Avenue - Summer Sun

Ha, ha. I stopped by Inspiration Avenue since it's been ages. What is this weeks challenge - summer sun.
I don't know what amused me most, that or the little disclaimer that friends in the southern hemisphere were obviously experiencing a different season.
I'm well and truly in the northern hemisphere and it's the middle of 'summer'. I had to bring the 4x4 out yesterday morning because the weather was so bad (roads flooded and cars abandoned everywhere!) :)
I've heard talk of this summer sun. It comes out while I am asleep or at work in the back of a garage with no view of the outdoors. It's rained for days and days now though...


  1. So clever! It made me smile, as did your comments. Sometimes it's an effort to keep our sense of humor as the days continue to feel like winter into the middle of June, but you've clearly got the right attitude! Thanks for the smile!

  2. Oh I do hope we find the sun again soon.....

  3. Oh how sad, I hope you find the sun soon

  4. Crazy weather world wide it seems. I'll roll you the sun!

  5. Love the humor and the simplicity. It is hard to live without the sun.xo

  6. i so loved your entry!!
    i feel for you... the sun finally made his appearance over england yesterday... seems to remembered to come back today aswell :)
    hope he finds your location on the map very soon :)