Sunday, 26 June 2011

Come On In...

We are here,
come on in,
it's early sunday morning,
up the stairs,
a big empty space (I love it)
it's like having an extension if you need it,
My (our) door
post open studios mess
the gallery space is messy right now too,

studio essentials,
the tidy corner

a little pig with binoculars!
The piggy? I don't know. My daughter bought him from a charity shop for me. She can't even explain why. He obviously has vision, perhaps his binoculars can see into the future, perhaps they see all those things that don't exist, perhaps they see the amazing in the mundane.... but most importantly he makes me smile simply because my daughter can't explain why she HAD to buy him for me. :) What better place to be than here where I do things I HAVE to do.

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