Friday, 8 July 2011

Out of Date

I've been busy crocheting again! :)
Having already moved all my wool stash etc to the studio I impulsively set out a table with some toys at the Open Studios event. Toys that had been languishing in a box from long ago. They all sold and I had a special request for some more which I couldn't refuse.
I decided to get organised and sorted through the wool stash and got a few pleasant surprises when I found wool I'd totally forgotten about or what indeed it had possibly been purchased for.
I also found a pile of snail shells that had never been given life, so I had absolutely had to finish them.
So, I'm sitting here at work (prime crocheting time!) with a row of snails staring at me wondering what to do with them. My Folksy shop has been empty for ages so I might just get round to restocking...
In the meantime I did a search for my snails on Google (why not?) and stumbled across this page this page with one of my snails on!
What a lovely surprise, even if it is almost two years later!!!

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