Friday, 29 July 2011

Filofax Anyone?

I have purchased my first filofax.

Now what do I do with it...?

I'm sitting here looking at it, and it's kind of intimidating. I think it's mocking my disorganisation!

I do need to be more organised, without a doubt. I jot 'important things' down on scraps of paper, the backs of envelopes, on odd receipts and then later  can't find those bits of paper. I will doodle, draw and write down ideas that should be in a sketchbook in the same manner with the intention of saving the scrap paper somewhere safe until it can be transferred into a sketchbook.
Instead I end up with copious amounts of crumpled paper taking up space in my bag, in pockets, in the car door and invariably they end up in the bin.

The purchase of the filofax was not a spontaneous thing. Oh no, this is supposed to be an investment. Someone (own up whoever you are) suggested it would be a good idea and managed to convince me that it was going to be the answer to everything.
I shall be able to  organise my art life so that it merges seamlessly with family, work and life outside of my head.

What am I talking about?

Any talk of studio time, forthcoming exhibitions, organising deliveries for masses of mdf, running to the 24 hour asda at 5am in paint covered overalls appears to prompt people to ask, "What sort of thing do you do?"

It's much easier to show someone plus a visual can engage them much more, however lugging around piles of 4ft square MDF isn't exactly practical. Therefore the aim is to have a mini portfolio that looks professional in all situations, hence the filofax, that universally accepted professional must have.

So, I looked at them in WHSmith. Felt a bit queasy at the pricetags and wondered why there was nothing that seemed more 'me'. The leather ones looked way too professional, the vinyl ones looked nice and friendly but much less appropriate. There was a nice patterned fabric one but it seemed to detract from what was to go inside.
I figured a filofax just wasn't for me.

However, I was milling around TK Maxx with no purpose and there it was nestled among half a dozen boxed, leather filofaxes. It's called 'Urban'; understated waxed grey/green canvas with a leather (or very good fake leather) spine. £10.
Someone else's Urban

Woohoo! :) I'm a big fan of grey/green canvasy things and the fact it isn't screaming look at me I'm brand new and shiny!
It's got several pockets (good) and is quite tactile (also good) but what excited me most  is the polypocket inside (yes I am that sad). I can keep bits of random 'stuff' in there! Those unexplainable bits of tickets, found objects etc. that I keep for incorporating into art whenever. Plus I could add more and maybe have ACEO's in.
There's a bit for business cards, bank cards etc, and a pocket that looks secure enough to hold some money so perhaps I can finally dispense with having a purse (I hate purses, they are so clumsy and never the right size for your bag/pocket/glove compartment etc).

I think I'll try having a section to write down my amigurumi patterns, and a mini folio with pictures of those too, and another section with good quality photos of finished artwork, which may or may not get
divided up into things like drawing/mixed media/sculpture as time goes on.

It might even be nice to have some drawing paper in it, and I'm surprised no-one on etsy or any of the similar sites offers drawing or watercolour paper etc for filofax use. (Feel free to steal this idea cos I won't do anything with it!)

Hopefully, filofax will be my new best friend (and thus needs a more aimable name than the filofax).
Although, there is always a chance it will end up discarded and lie forgotten about under a car seat or at the back of a drawer somewhere....

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