Friday, 8 July 2011

Life Drawing Class

There's a life drawing class every other Wednesday, which I really ought to go to much more often because I always thouroughly enjoy it and would recommend it to anyone who will stop and listen long enough.
The twenty minute poses suit my way of working and every time I go I get a little closer to drawing the way I should be, it's just a pity the class is only three hours long.
There will be an exhibition of work this September so hopefully by then I'll have something I'm truly happy with.
It feels close if that makes sense. Last night's drawings were just about what I want but I ran out of large sticks of charcoal and desperately wanted a paint brush and even bigger paper!
Check out Delta's website for details of the next class.
Pictures coming when my batteries have charged! :)

(it took a while, they were very flat).
15 minute pose

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