Friday, 15 July 2011

Little Amigurumi Owl

My eldest daughter is leaving home for university next week. She's all packed and looking for bits and bobs to make her flat her own. She'd seen some keyrings in a store somewhere and phoned to tell me that I could have made them so much better (aww, it's nice when your kids are proud of you). 
Of course she then asked for me to do just that, a wee owl, a wee bird or something. So here she is, my first 'Little Owl'.
She's only about 4cm high and dead quick to make. I already have a bunch of blind friends for her, they are just awaiting their eyes arriving from U.S.
I thought I might write up the pattern for other folk to make their own, so if anyone wants it just let me know so that I don't forget.

Little Owl

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