Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Inspiration Avenue - Wings

Ohh, love this theme as birds seem to be featuring heavily in my life right now.
I've just finished an amigurumi parrot (albeit she only has tiny little wings), a bunch of (wingless) little owls, and a paper bird for daughters birthday birdcage.
However in the true spirit of wings rather than birds, my entry is the photos below. 
These were taken at South Queensferry, looking out between the Forth Bridges and taken quickly through the car windscreen. My son and I bribed the seagulls with sandwich crusts.


  1. Beautiful photos. I especially like the movement and composition of the final one. Really lovely and great for this week's IA 'Wings' theme. Also its wonderful to be introduced to your blog & art.

    Kat :-)

  2. I not only love your wonderful photos, but also your sense of humor. I would never have thought to bribe a seagull, not that I have any anywhere near where I live. These photos are perfect IA challenge pieces this week.

  3. I love how you captured the movement so beautifully- just gorgeous!

  4. Great images! Isn't neat how things can cycle through our lives and we can see it?

  5. I really like the photo's, the one with the bridge in the background is outstanding.

    Also like the quick peeks I got of your crochet work, will have to look through your archives.


  6. How fabulous! Thanks for sharing the day with us!